Every finish line is the beginning of a new race

01.03.2014 09:45

Today feels like a good day to leave my comfort zone and push my boundaries by writing in English though I don't actually master the language. But on the other hand, how would you ever learn if you shouldn't train your skills and use them? As an example from track and field, you don't simply become a champion in polevault or javelin throw with only talent, you have to train, hard! I think that it's an important part of personal growth and self-knowledge to get outside the comfort zone in every field, not only in sports. So that's a short explanation why I write in English this time. And I don't think I have to be any more ashamed than writing in bad finnish.


Anyhow, this is my website as an athlete, so let's get down to business and discuss sports. 
Last weekend I went to Rovanniemi for the indoor nationals as a last competition for this years indoor season. I didn't expect too much from my first and only races on short track, but I still hoped for fast races and, more important in championchips, I was aiming for the medals. This year I had to go home without the medals, my effort got me a 7:th place from the 1500m race and an 4:th place from the 3000m.


Photos by Ninna


The 1500m is a race I would like to forget as soon as possible, but I guess it's smarter to remember it and learn from my mistakes, because there was a lots of them during the race. The 3000m on the other hand felt much more controlled and I had an relaxed feeling through the race and ran only 4 seconds slower than my PB from earlier this winter on a 400m track.


So that was the indoor season, now back to basics so that I'm ready for the summer season! And thanks to my sponsors New Balance and Craft I get to begin this training period with new shoes and clothes.